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Instagram will soon start blurring sensitive content

Instagram is striving to become a more child-friendly platform. The company has just announced that it will soon start to automatically blur sensitive content and the users will need to tap the blurred photo or video before it gets displayed. This is great because people will no longer run into unwanted surprises while scrolling through their feeds. Unfortunately, Instagram hasn't specified what sensitive content means exactly, so we don't know what's going to be blurred.

Additionally, the service is also finally opening the two-factor authentication system to all of its users, which means that everyone can keep their accounts safe from hackers and other intruders. To enable this extra security layer, all you have to do is to tap the gear icon to get to the Settings menu, then simply switch on the Two-Factor Authentication toggle. Lastly, Instagram has created a new resource page that teaches the users how to protect themselves while enjoying the service and sharing photos with their friends. There, you will find a lot of information about a variety of tools such as comment filtering, account blocking, tagging and more.

Lately, Instagram has been putting a lot of effort into creating a stable user community. This is being done through various tweaks and improvements such as the ability to post entire albums, but also through social events like the worldwide InstaMeet that will take place on March 25th and March 26th. Hopefully its efforts will pay up in the race against Snapchat.