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Need Someone To Cuddle With? Try The Cuddlr App

Ever felt the need to cuddle with someone but didn't have a willing partner at hand? Cuddlr is a fresh app that can help you find people who will snuggle with you for a brief period of time. At the moment, the application is only available on the App Store for iOS users as a free product.

Cuddlr is a recently launched app that helps you find people in your vicinity who are also looking for a friendly cuddle. The way the system works is pretty standard: you launch the app, look through the list of people until you find someone who meets your snuggling standards and send them an invite (request). If they accept your "proposal" within 15 minutes, the app will reveal your map locations to each one of you, and you will be able to send one message (max 140 char) to agree upon the place of the meeting. Whatever you do, don't forget to bring your A-game, because, at the end of the session, your partner will ... rate you.

Just so people don't get the wrong impression, the app's rules make it clear that this is all about cuddling and nothing more. Furthermore, the app urges its users to wait until the snuggling session is over in case they've decided to invite their cuddle partners to a date.

Besides requiring access to your location in order to search for the other people in need of cuddling in your area, the app will also link itself to your Facebook account, but vows to never post anything on the social network without your explicit consent. Another nice thing is that Cuddlr allows you to take selfies from within the interface, just in case your snuggling session is so great that you just must share it with others.

As a downside, the app is fairly new, so very few people in your area (if any) will have a cuddling rating. Furthermore, Cuddlr seems to be missing a few crucial functions such as matches filtering or the ability to add more than one picture per profile.

Would you use an app like Cuddlr?