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Apple's App Analytics Is Now Available to All Developers

Apple has decided to open App Analytics to every registered developer interested in finding out more details about the usage of his or her application. The tool is still in its beta version, so it probably won't work perfectly, but it's still very important for app creators as it provides them with details about the countries where their product is popular and the devices on which it is used. While App Analytics may not be an actual replacement for those full-fledged tools already on the market, it is probably a great solution for any developer who can't afford too many additional costs.

What's really cool about App Analytics is that it is native, so it doesn't require any kind of implementation into your applications. Additionally, the tool can give you details about the effectiveness of your product page by linking the number of visitors with the number of downloads, calculate the success rate of each of your marketing campaigns or show you which marketing channel brings you the most revenue. Furthermore, App Analytics is also capable of providing you with useful user engagement statistics such as number of sessions, active devices or retention.

If you want to try out App Analytics for yourself, all you will need to do is to sign in to iTunes Connect (click this link). Of course this service is only available for registered developers, so it requires a Sales, Finance, or Admin account.