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Checkout Follower, a new app that makes you feel watched Checkout Follower, a new app that makes you feel watched

It's been a while since I've read something that sent shivers down by my spine, but since it just happened, I've decided to share it with you. There seems to be a new service / app called Follower that allows you to sign up to be physically followed by a complete stranger for an entire day. Sounds exciting? Then you should also know that at the end of the day, you will also a receive a picture of you taken at a random time by your stalker.., ahem, I mean follower.


In case you're wondering how this all works, it's like this: you go to the Follower website and apply to be followed by entering your name, email address, the reason you want to be followed and an explanation for why you think you would make an interesting target to follow. Then, you will have to select three dates when you would like to be followed and you will also need to confirm that you're over 18. If the service finds you worthy of being followed, you will receive a link to an iPhone app that you will have to install on your device. You will be notified both in the morning of the day when you're being followed and in the evening when the following has ended. According to the website, your follower will be with you all day, just out of sight, but close enough to see what you're doing. Additionally, the follower won't interfere with your activities no matter what.

Unfortunately for worldwide thrill-seekers, this service is only available in New York (at least at the moment) so if you live anywhere else, you won't be able to use it and the app that the follower requires (as it uses GPS tracking) is only available for iPhones. Currently, there's only one follower: Lauren McCarthy, so if there are many people who want to be followed, you might need to wait a while until she has the time. Lastly, the service claims that your privacy will be safeguarded at all times and nobody else, but your follower will be aware of your location, name, email address or any other details of your life. If you have more questions, you should check out the FAQ section on the previously mentioned website.

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Would you ever use a service like Follower?