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Find the Lowest Price Online or in Stores with the PriceJump App

Shopping is generally either a hobby or a necessity, but there are times when it can be turned into an art. Finding some great merchandise isn't hard for someone with a trained eye, but figuring out if you're overpaying for it or not is a bit trickier. PriceJump is a new app that helps you find the lowest prices for the products that you like.

At the moment, PriceJump is in its beta stages and only available for iOS devices. The application is developed by Savings.com, a website which recently became famous by proving that 50% of the time the products you find on Amazon can be purchased for less from other on-line retailers.

PriceJump is an iPhone application that can show you the lowest prices available online, on Amazon, and in shops for any product that you see. You can search for specific merchandise either by typing its name or simply by taking a photo of its barcode with your phone. The prices found will be categorized into Online, Local, and Best so you will have all the information necessary before taking a decision. In order for the local prices to work you first need to fill in the zip code field from the app's settings.


Furthermore, this app can also help if you are too fond of Amazon's Prime shipping service to buy stuff from anywhere else. Believe it or not, prices change frequently on Amazon so having the app on the lookout at regular intervals can be highly beneficial for your budget. While ShopSavy may be a more complex application, PriceJump is a quick solution when all you care about is the amount of dollars that you are spending.