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Finding friends and groups is now easier with Snapchat

Snapchat just introduced a new, helpful feature: the ability to search for specific content, such as friends, Stories or groups. The company's goal is to provide its users with an easier and quicker way to find what they're looking for. The search bar utility can be found on the upper-side of the Snapchat application and is always accessible, no matter what Snapchat page you're checking on your media device. This new feature will definitely simplify navigation through Snapchat's content.

The company's previous attempt to provide its users with a search feature wasn't as effective as expected. It only allowed you to search a certain conversation, Stories channels or profiles to follow. Now, you can easily find any information you need by simply entering one or two keywords. The new search tool also gives you access to “Quick Chat” suggestions which will help get to your friend's message thread a lot quicker.

For now, this brand new Snapchat feature can be used by people with Android smartphones and is expected to be rolled out soon to iOS users.

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