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Is Your Phone Too Big for Your Hands? This Case Might Help Is Your Phone Too Big for Your Hands? This Case Might Help

There was a time when phone manufacturers were competing to create the smallest mobile possible, a device that would be very easy to carry and almost invisible when placed in a pocket. For some reason, that trend has changed and now smartphones are getting bigger and bigger with each new model that is released on the market. Furthermore, there are even handsets generally named phablets which are almost impossible to maneuver using one hand and that can practically hide your entire face when you hold them to your ear.

This is why a young designer named Kyle Staebell came up with a new case which he decided to call the Great Case. Even though the title might not ooze ingenuity, the case itself is pretty cool as it helps its customers control big smartphones using just one hand. At the moment, the case can only be used for iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phablets, but Mr. Staebell is thinking about expanding the design to other models, like Galaxy Note 3, Nexus 6, etc. The Great Case is actually a frame which allows you to have a firm grip on the phone while maximizing the reaching capabilities of your thumb.

"Great Case" All Black

The case is available in two versions: all black and cooper. Both are 3D printed, but while the all black one is made entirely out of plastic, the cooper model blends plastic and (you guessed it) cooper together, giving the product a plus in strength and flexibility. At the moment, the Great Case is in the middle of a funds gathering campaign on Kickstater. If you want more details about the product or wish to purchase a case for yourself, you can visit its Kickstarter page by clicking on this link.