Pictograph: Coming back Pictograph: Coming back

Emooji gained great popularity among users of different networks. Perhaps due to this users' sympathy, British developers announced the release of Emojli, an emoji-only social network of principally new kind where users communicate only with emoji. Sounds like a prehistoric pictographic script, doesn't it?
“We know what you’re thinking,” the Emojli video voice states. “This is satire. No one would actually make this thing.” “It’s not. And we have.”

Emoj.li is under development now, it has not been officially launched. The official web site claims: 'Launching on iOS soon, other platforms later'. Now it is currently accepting username reservations that should be represented in icons as well. As it is stated in the video, ”there isn't an emoji for spam”, so you will finally not be tired of getting annoying messages. Spam, trolls, and hashtags and the like are in the past.

"We're probably going to regret it, but it's real," Matt Gray said. "We wouldn't have bothered making the backend, and spending about a day trying to figure out a regular expression that checked if a string was all emoiosji, if it wasn't real."
Some people have expressed doubt about the website authenticity, but its founders insist it's legitimate. There are also a lot of skeptic opinions concerning the need of the app.

According to the official information, in several hours after launching the registration, over 17 thousand people have registered in the network. The site sends registration confirmation e-mails as any other social network does. So, there is a limited amount of 2-symbol combinations left. Hurry up!