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Search Ads are coming to the App Store on Wednesday

The problem with money is that you can never have enough. Up until now, one of the best things about Apple is that it made an effort to make its customers feel like they are the main concern. However, the IT giant has decided to ditch that attitude and get as much money as possible, even if it's at their users expense. The company took a page out of Google's playbook by introducing Search Ads, a "feature" that will show you sponsored ads at the top of your results pages.

So, starting with October 5th, whenever you search for something on the iPhone App Store, you will no longer see the most relevant results at the top of the page. Instead, the first things that will appear in front of your eyes will be the applications that paid a fee to Apple in order to be there. While I understand why this change is good for the company, the users will have to spend more time to find what they were looking for, while creators who are just starting up will have even fewer chances to make their applications seen. Apple has also announced that it's going to offer $100 credit to developers who are using Search Ads to sponsor their first campaign.

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