Lumosity: Perfect Way to Stretch Your Brain Lumosity: Perfect Way to Stretch Your Brain

Have you ever wondered how good you are at using your brain? Whether you have intellectual bragging rights over your friends or should really work out your brains more? Now, with such a 'gym for your brain' like Lumosity, you will have a chance to test your mental capacity and brush up your general knowledge.

Lumosity MobileLumosity Mobile

Developed by Lumos Labs, Lumosity represents a set of games and exercises meant for mental health and wellness. They are all cognitive-training and originally designed by neuroscientists to gauge your brain prowess by offering personalized programs to focus on the aspects you want to improve. So, the provided games are divided into 5 general cognitive areas: speed, memory, attention, flexibility, and problem solving. You are just to select the certain category and apply yourself to a task to successfully complete these brain tests.

The app itself is claimed to be free, still in order to reach a mind-blowing experience you will have to go to expense and subscribe to the extended version for $80 a year.