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Prisma's latest update lets you create custom photo filters

The popular AI-powered photo-editing tool Prisma has just been updated with a couple of cool new things. From now on, those who use the application will be able to create their own filters or, if they're in a hurry, pick one out from the filter store that has just become available. The update is rolling out as we speak on both Android and iOS devices, so the new features should already be available for everyone interested in trying them out.

As far as the new custom styles are concerned, the users will now be able to train the app's machine learning algorithm to modify the picture in a specific style. This will probably take a few tries, especially if you don't have a lot of experience in working with an AI, but it will help you give your photos a more personal touch. The filter store will be more collection than an actual marketplace as you'll be able to get any of the items available without actually paying anything. According to Prisma's announcement, new styles will be added on a weekly basis at first and on a daily basis in the later stages, so you'll constantly have a reason to return to the application and see what's new.

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