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Trello for iOS can now work offline Trello for iOS can now work offline

This weekend, Trello announced that the iOS version of the application is now capable of working offline. According to the company's statement, you can now use the application even when you don't have an Internet connection and all your files will be automatically synchronized as soon as you have a reliable Internet connection. As far as I know, an Android version of the feature is currently being tested out, but I can't tell you exactly how long it will take for it to arrive.

In case you're curios about what you can do with Trello when you're offline, you can create new cards and add labels, members or other details to them as well as moving cards between your boards. Just so we're clear, while you're offline, your collaborators won't be able to see the changes that you've made, but as soon as your device connects to the Internet, the modifications will get uploaded automatically. Additionally, you will be able to see exactly which changes haven't been synchronized yet as they will have an icon that depicts arrows in a circle next to them. Since the ability to work offline was one of the most requested features by the users, it's nice to see that the Trello has finally found an effective solution to grant their wish.

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