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You can now stream anonymously with a new app called Dusk

Taking responsibility for the things you say and do can be counterproductive at times, but unfortunately, privacy on the Internet isn't that easy to come by. This is why, you might want to check out a new application called Dusk, which allows its users to video stream anonymously to the members of its community. The app is completely free, works on devices powered by iOS 8.0 or a newer version of the operating system and can be downloaded from the App Store.

Most users will probably like the fact that the app doesn't require any of your personal data; all you need to create your account is a username and a pin code. The application protects your privacy during the stream by pixelating your face and by changing your voice, so the only thing that you need to worry about is making sure that your background doesn't give your identity away. Furthermore, all your communications with the app's servers use end-to-end encryption, so you should feel completely safe. As far as abuse-fighting goes, there are community moderators that should keep spammers at bay and additional options like keyword blocking capabilities, reporting tools and a mute feature.

While I understand how this app can be controversial, especially in this time of bigotry, hate and terrorist threats, I've always believed that a little anonymity can also do a ton of good. If you're interested in more privacy-related stories, you should read: "The Tor browser - a novice's guide" or "Cyber-warfare and the future".