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Developers can now get the second beta version of iOS 10 Developers can now get the second beta version of iOS 10

After giving us the first glimpse into iOS 10 just three weeks ago, Apple has released a second preview version of its latest operating system for iPhone and iPad, which actually can be downloaded only by those who have a developer account. However, if the IT giant sticks to the same pattern as last year and nobody reports any major bugs within the next couple of days, the developer preview will become available to the general public by the end of July.

According to Apple, this new version of iOS 10 presents a large number of bug fixes and small improvements. In case you're curios about them, here's a short list of the ones I considered the most important:

  • There's now a new toggle in Messages, which allows you to switch to Low Quality Image mode.
  • The Maps app is now able to "Show Parked Locations".
  • You can use the Shuffle option directly from the Songs screen, instead of having to play a tune first.
  • The Library app lets you manage all the downloads that are currently active on your device.
  • Music videos are now available in full-screen mode.
  • Album pages will also contain song suggestions.
  • The Keyboard click sound has been reverted to the classical one used in the previous iOS versions.
  • There's now a setting which allows you to rest your finger on the screen in order to unlock the device instead of having to press the Home button.

If you're interested in Apple's products, you might also want to know that the company is getting ready to release a second preview version of macOS Sierra.