Take PORTAL and Feel Safe

Worried about someone snooping your personal information? It's time to think about Internet privacy protection. When you are at home, Safeplug and the like devices are able to protect your data, but while traveling or on the road (e.g. a business trip), you lose confidence in confidentiality. IT appears and solves the problem. PORTAL is a special hardware device (a so-called TP-Link travel router) which is intended to send all Internet traffic over the Tor network that is a security services' nightmare. It was developed to provide total anonymity wherever you connect to the Internet.

PORTAL stands for Personal Onion Router To Assure Liberty. The product doesn't need any additional software to be launched. This pocket anti-surveillance tool supports connection masking add-ons that prevent your Tor data from being blocked. It's necessary to load unofficial code like OpenWRT to start. It's "highly recommended" to use a modified router as well. Now the developers team is working on simplifying the installation process.