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Innovative Education With Apple iTunes U app Innovative Education With Apple iTunes U app

Apple has recently announced an update of iTunes U Course Manager which will bring teachers an ability to create and manage their courses fully on their iOS devices, as well as some new features for better collaboration with students.

Let's have a look at some highlights of this app. First of all, iTunes U provides some tools to create good course outlines, organize topics, posts and other learning material in a convenient way. Students will be able to see a clear picture of what they should expect from a course right from its start until the exams. A flexible interface will allow teachers to control pace of learners in the real time. It will be possible to update any materials on the go.

Secondly, all kinds of learning resources from news articles, e-books, presentations to apps, videos, web sites, and etc, will be at users' disposal. Over 750,000 individual learning materials has been announced as ones available for free. Students will be able to download the course documents by using the Wi-Fi connection, so that they will get more freedom by selecting their place for studying.

More than that, a new Discussion feature will enable all members of the learning process to communicate with each other. Students will ask questions and participate in the topic discussions, while teachers will be able to easily moderate forums, make notes and send notifications.

Starting from July 8, the iTunes U app update, including all its handy tools, will be available on all iPads and iPhones.

To sum it all up, iTunes U may be considered as an educational platform which brings some new ways for building courses and unlimited abilities for organizing the learning process. Thus, developing the new forms of studying might be expected to observe in the foreseeable future.

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